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Supervision of psychotherapists and counsellors

My counselling room

I enjoy the collaboration of supervision. Whilst there is responsibility in the supervisory role and the clients’ right to confidentiality is upheld, the counsellor and I are colleagues spending time considering and exploring the counselling for the benefit of the client.

It is likely that you will already have had experience of supervision and know what would be helpful to you. From my own experience supervision is a place to feel free to talk about your work and the way you have managed it, whilst feeling confident that you can trust your supervisor to help you make sense of the muddles or difficulties and to open up ways forward.

A good supervisor will praise, challenge in a non-threatening way, be a fount of knowledge or at least know where to look for information, be well versed in theory and grounded in their own clinical practice.

How I work

Coming from a psychodynamic background the model of supervision I find useful is that of Hawkins and Shohet originally described in ‘The Skilled Helper’ and subsequent work. Although that might outline my thinking in a session, it isn’t rigid and I attune myself to the counsellor and through the counsellor to the client.

I also like to use creative methods - maybe using drawing materials or role play - to fire the imagination or to help to visualise some unformed feature, a hunch or a dream, but only if this method makes sense and would be a possible inspiration to the counsellor.

The development of the counsellor is important to me. We all need encouragement to reach out a bit farther. Many counsellors working with me currently and in the past have qualified for BACP accreditation and some have gone on to be supervisors themselves.

It isn’t one-way learning. I find myself thrilled by some of the good interventions counsellors make.

Supervision training and qualifications

I have been a supervisor in private practice for 20 years and have a commitment and an enthusiasm for ongoing professional develpment in supervision

Who do I supervise?

Therapists working in:

Some counsellors work within a short or mid-term contract; others have scope to work open-endedly.

Do telephone or email me if you would like to discuss supervision sessions.

Supervision of Supervision

What has always been good practice is increasingly becoming a requirement in the profession. I currently supervise several supervisors and I am always interested in the power and effectiveness of this work. Being a further practitioner removed from the client can make patterns of behaviour more recognisable and conversely intensifies the underlying feelings experienced within the therapy.

If you would like to discuss consultation on your supervision of counselling please telephone or email me.